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New Committee or Change Committee Form

This is a revised (9/13) form for creating or revising supervisory committees for both PhD and master’s students.  Every field except signatures can be completed electronically.  Please complete and save the form electronically, print it, have it signed, then submit it to the Office of Graduate Education.  The mentor (chair) must sign the printed form, as must the administrators.  The other committee members may acknowledge their addition or deletion from the committee by email.  If so, their emails should be printed and attached to the printed form.

Note that changes to a supervisory committee cannot be made more than half-way through the semester a student graduates.

Note that the co-chair does not have to be in the same concentration as the student – unless the co-chair will substitute for the chair a the qualifying exam or final defense.  The IDP in Biomedical Sciences will not allow a student to have their qualifying exam or final defense in the absence of the chair (mentor), so this requirement should never be applicable.