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Seminar Schedule

2016-2017 Seminar Series

The COM Research Seminar series is designed to serve all graduate student, post-doc and faculty researchers in the College of Medicine and/or affiliated with the IDP. An outstanding menu of speakers is being recruited, representing a broad range of interests. Speakers are encouraged to pitch their talks to a broad audience without compromising detail or rigor. We hope that all faculty, post-docs & graduate students will make an effort to incorporate this event into their regular weekly schedule of activities.

Please check back periodically as this information is subject to updates.  All seminars will begin at 4:00pm.


Seminar Date Speaker Type of Seminar Area of Expertise Room Debriefing Room (only for Conc. Research seminars)
8/25/16 BioFlorida Panel of Speakers Career Development CGRC Auditorium CGRC lobby for networking event
9/15/16  Mary Merchant, Ph.D. Career Development Biotechnology Law LG-101
10/20/16  Paul Kroeger, Ph.D. Career Development Global Pharmaceutical Research LG-101
11/17/16  Carol Ward, Ph.D. Career Development Teaching/Lecturing in Academia LG-101
12/8/16  Annette Bakker, Ph.D. Career Development President- Chief Scientific Officer at Children’s Tumor Foundation  LG-101
1/5/17  Ronald L. Hayes, Ph.D.  Career Development Director, Banyan Laboratories  LG-101
1/12/17  Denis Wirtz, Ph.D. Career Development Vice Provost for Research at Johns Hopkins University LG-101
1/26/17 Joan Brugge, Ph.D.  Research – MCB (CANCELLED)  Director of the Ludwig Center, Harvard Medical School LG-101
2/16/17 Veronica Hughes  Student led- MSP “C-Met inhibition sensitivity: Autocrine v. paracrine activation of the c-Met pathway”  LG-101
2/23/17  Michele Youd, Ph.D. Career Development Associate Director in the Immunology & Inflammation Research Therapeutic Area – Sanofi

“Career Development in Industry”

3/2/17  Angela McCall  Student led-MSG “Correction of Autophagic Accumulation in a Pompe Disease Mouse Model Following Gene Therapy Administration” LG-101
3/9/17  Shahram Salek-Ardakani, Ph.D. Career Development (CANCELLED) Transitioning to Pharmaceutical Industry (Pfizer- San Francisco) LG-101
3/16/17 Michael D. Rosenblum, MD, PhD Research – MSI Assistant Professor of Dermatology- UCSF Dept of Dermatology LG-101
3/17/17 Rebecca Burwell, Ph.D. Research – MSN LG-101
3/22/17 Joan Brugge, Ph.D. Research – MCB Director of the Ludwig Center, Harvard Medical School C1-7
3/23/17  Jonathan Cho Research- MSI “Attenuation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by an injectable microparticle vaccine system”  LG-101
3/30/17 James Thomas Student led- MSG “Disrupted molecular transitions in congenital myotonic dystrophy” LG-101
4/6/17 Peter Baumann, Ph.D. Research – MSB (CANCELLED) “Telomerase, RNA processing and chromosome dynamics” LG-101
4/13/17 Brittany Rife Student led- MSB (CANCELLED) “Complex Evolutionary Dynamics of Intra-Host HIV and SIV Subpopulations during Aids Progression and Neuroaids”  LG-101