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Financial Support

Stipends & Tuition Waivers

Once you are admitted to the IDP (both domestic and international students), you will be appointed as a Graduate Research Assistant.  The IDP starting stipend for the 2014-15 academic year is $27,757 per year.  In addition to the stipend, all students also receive a tuition waiver.  The stipend is intended to cover living expenses and student fees not covered by the tuition waiver.  Students are responsible for paying some student fees (athletic fee, activity & service fee, etc.) not covered by the tuition waiver, which during the 2014-15 academic year are approximately $717 per Fall & Spring semesters and $474 for the Summer semester.  UF students classified as an out-of-state resident and appointed as a graduate assistant for at least 0.25 FTE (which includes all IDP students) are considered as “in-state” for tuition purposes, however, all out-of-state USA citizens and permanent residents must file for reclassification as Florida residents if they are eligible.

As a graduate student admitted as a Graduate Research Assistant, you are considered an employee of the University of Florida.  As a Graduate Research Assistant you are not required to teach, although some of the senior graduate students do participate in the teaching of basic science courses to the medical students and/or graduate students in order to gain pedagogical experience.  While you are a Graduate Research Assistant you are not allowed to seek and hold employment outside the University of Florida, except for Reserve or National Guard military duty.

The only part of your total package that is taxable is the money that you are actually paid.  Tuition waivers are not considered taxable income.  Stipends are paid biweekly as a salary.  As a Graduate Research Assistant, you will also receive cost-of-living raises when allowed by University policy.  Our intention is to maintain parity for the base stipend among all Graduate Research Assistants within the College of Medicine.

During your first two semesters of graduate study your stipend will be paid by the College of Medicine.  Beyond that your stipend will be paid from other sources, usually by your mentor’s research grant or one of several NIH training grants.  Your Graduate Assistantship will be continued as long as you make satisfactory progress in your courses and research.

Minority students may also want to read our Minority Support Page to learn about some financial aid programs for minority applicants.

Health Insurance

Graduate students on appointment as graduate assistants or pre-doctoral fellows may choose to participate in the GatorGradCare health plan, an injury and sickness insurance plan underwritten by BlueCross BlueShield of Florida.
The following is an overview of the benefit options:


For information about eligibility and how to enroll in the GatorGradCare Plan, please contact the GA Benefits Office at 352-392-0003 or


Fellowships & Awards

All students to whom we extend an offer of admission are also automatically considered for one of several fellowships awarded by the IDP Admissions Committee based on academic merit.  These are:

Graduate School Fellowship (formerly Alumni Fellowship):  This is the highest fellowship award offered by the University of Florida to incoming graduate students.  The College of Medicine IDP Admissions Committee is responsible for granting these fellowships.  The Graduate School Fellowship includes a Graduate Research Assistant stipend for 4 years.  For 2014-2015 the fellowship is being used to provide the first $5,435 of financial support for incoming students. By decreasing the cost to eventual mentors, more research laboratories will be open to accept new students for dissertation studies.

Dr. Linton E. Grinter College of Medicine Graduate School Fellowship:  The IDP Admissions Committee awards these fellowships to incoming graduate students based on academic merit.  Students selected for this fellowship will receive an award of $2,000 for each of their first 3 academic years in addition to their base stipend and tuition waiver.  The total amount of the award is $6,000 ($2,000 per year for the first three years of graduate study), making the non-tuition funding for Grinter Fellows $28,883.

IDP Scholarship: If you have received an individual fellowship or other support towards your stipend from an extramural source, you are eligible to receive a $1000 per semester scholarship from the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences for the duration of your award. Use this form to submit your award information. Please note T32 NIH training grants are not individual awards and are therefore not covered by this policy. This will be a fellowship that you applied for individually and is specifically awarded to you, not your mentor or a program. This cannot be a University of Florida award. It is extramural – outside of UF.

International Travel Award:  All international students accepted into the IDP who are traveling to Gainesville from outside the North American continent and not selected for a 3-year Grinter Fellowship will receive a one-time travel award in the form of a Grinter Fellowship for up to $1,000 upon their arrival and successful registration for classes. This award is specifically designed to help defray the high cost to international students coming to the United States, and to ease their transition to American graduate school life.  (However, please note that it takes several months to process the payment.)


Medical Guild Loan: A service provided for graduate students here at the College of Medicine through the Florida Association of Basic Medical Scientists is the Medical Guild Loan. This is an interest-free loan with a ceiling of $750 granted on the basis of emergency need through the Office of Graduate Education.  Per federal rules effective February 14, 2010, the loan must be paid back in less than 90 days.

Traditional student loans: Traditional student loans are also available to Graduate Students. Additional information on qualification requirements and the requisite forms can be obtained from the College of Medicine Financial Aid Office by calling (352) 273-7939.


A breakdown of the costs associated with Graduate School at the University of Florida can be explored at Cost of Living at UF.

As a reminder, unless you are appointed on a training grant, you will be responsible for paying student fees not covered by your tuition waiver.  Your stipend is intended to cover these fees and your living expenses.  These fees are slightly less for students who entered the program before Fall 2006, but you should include the following amounts in your personal budget to be paid at the beginning of each semester:  Fall and Spring = $700 each;  Summer = $500;  annual total cost = $1900 (current as of summer 2014).