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Admissions Overview

Use the links to the left to access information about admissions to the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences, as well as online admissions web pages and other information about the University of Florida, the College of Medicine and Gainesville.

Application Status


This page will allow you to view the receipt of your application, application fee, test scores and transcripts.  It will also show you the status of the letters of recommendation.  Please remember that the University Graduate Admissions Office is very busy and will update the applications as they receive the information, so please allow time for this.

Once you have submitted your application, please allow time for your application to be  reviewed.  If you are selected for an interview and we require additional information, we will contact you.

Admissions Standards

Please note – The following paragraphs clearly delineate the admissions standards for the IDP in Biomedical Sciences.  If you meet our minimum requirements outlined here and believe that our program offers the education and training that fit your career development, we encourage you to apply.  Due to the large number of applications, we cannot reply to emails that inquire about requirements already listed.

You must select one advanced concentration that you are interested in. This selections will be used to match applicants with potential faculty for interviewing purposes.  Students admitted to the IDP in Biomedical Sciences do not choose their mentor until the end of the spring semester of their first year.  Faculty members are not allowed to make arrangements with applicants to join their laboratories before they are admitted and perform laboratory rotations.  Therefore, it is not appropriate for potential applicants to ask faculty members if they can join their research team.  However, it would be appropriate to ask if they plan to take new students in the upcoming year.  Because joining a specific faculty member’s laboratory cannot be guaranteed, we highly recommend that potential applicants examine our faculty using the Program and Faculty pages linked in the bar above this page to get a sense for the research interests of our faculty.

  • Research Experience. An essential factor for admission to our Ph.D. program is prior research experience.  Most applicants have a year or more of undergraduate research experience.  If you are studying at an institution with limited research opportunities, you should seek out summer research experiences at other research institutions.  Research experience is initially evaluated based on a personal statement and letters of recommendation.  Although some of our admitted students have earned a Master’s degree, most students are admitted after earning their Bachelor’s degree.
  • GPA. The minimum requirements for graduate admission at the University of Florida include a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for all upper division (Junior/Senior) undergraduate work.  Please use the “Self-Reported GPA Computation and Worksheet for Graduate Applications” to calculate your junior-senior GPA. Although the university minimum GPA for admission is 3.0, the mean junior-senior GPA of entering classes of our program is about 3.5.
  • Additional course requirements: Applicants are required to have taken general biology and chemistry including organic chemistry and biochemistry.  Applicants with weak undergraduate academic performance should consider pursuing a year of postbaccalaureate studies or obtaining a master’s degree before applying, with the goal of demonstrating an ability to achieve satisfactory academic progress in graduate level courses. Biochemistry is core to the biomedical sciences, we usually do not consider an application if the student will not have completed undergraduate biochemistry by graduation.
  • GRE. Applicants must submit a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) general exam.  Subject exam scores are not required.  Mean GRE scores for successful applicants for 2016 were 310 on the new scale.  The mean on the old scale was about 1,200.  GRE exam must be taken within the past five (5) years. (Code: 5812)

Applications are evaluated based on an overall assessment of research experience (personal statement and letters of recommendation), undergraduate course load, GPA, and GRE scores.  Selected domestic applicants will be invited for personal interviews and students overseas will be interviewed by Skype in February and March.

International students – Please see the International Student page in the left sidebar for relevant information.


We only accept and consider online applications.  No paper applications will be accepted, and the only paper documentation accepted is transcripts directly from institutions.  Letters of recommendation, c.v.’s, personal statements, and all other materials must be submitted online via the University of Florida application system.
The first step of applying to the IDP in Biomedical Sciences is applying to the University of Florida Graduate School. The Applications Process link in the left sidebar walks you through the process.

Please note, after you have begun submitting your application online, you may view the receipt of your application, application fee, test scores and transcripts, and status of your letters of recommendation by going to this web page:

  • If you are currently a graduate student enrolled  at The University of Florida in another graduate program (Master’s),  please contact Amy Davis at
  • Prior Graduate Student (not enrolled for two consecutive terms) complete the online application for readmission: and SUBMIT TO:  (readmission form, personal statement, letters of recommendation) Your undergraduate transcripts and GRE scores are already part of your online record.  You will need to provide new personal statements and letters of recommendation and other information that has changed since you enrolled as a graduate student.
  •  If you are a UF undergraduate student, you submit an online application like everyone else.

Transfer Students

The IDP generally accepts transfer students only when they are accompanying a faculty member who is moving to the University of Florida.  All other applicants must apply for regular fall semester admission and provide a letter from their current adviser or program director stating that they are in good academic standing and the reasons for seeking a transfer.  Transfer of credits from another institution to count toward a UF Ph.D. degree is subject to the limits and conditions set forth by the UF Graduate School.

Admissions Procedure

Completed applications undergo a preliminary review by a subset of the Admissions Committee.  The application is presented to the committee, and a decision is made to reject, hold, or grant the applicant an interview.  Domestic applicants who pass the preliminary review are invited to Gainesville for an all-expenses-paid interview visit (Sunday – Tuesday).  During the interview visit, applicants also have ample opportunity to meet with current students and to tour Gainesville and the University of Florida campus.  Selected international applicants residing outside of the United States are interviewed by video call (Skype); however, please read the page linked to the left for international students.

The invited applicants will interview with four IDP faculty members.  Every effort is made to ensure that applicants can meet with faculty representing their advanced program of interest.  The interview process provides an excellent opportunity for applicants to obtain a first-hand perspective on the IDP faculty and students, and on the University of Florida and Gainesville.

2017 Interview Dates

January 22-24 | February 5-7

Within a few days of the interviews, the Admissions Committee meets to reconsider each application and the interview reports, and a decision is made whether to admit the applicant into the IDP program.  All interviewed applicants are informed of the committee’s decision following their interview.

As a member of the Council of Graduate Schools, the University of Florida Graduate School abides by the April 15 deadline for students to accept offers of admission (or the next business day, if the 15th falls on a weekend).  For more information about the April 15 deadline, please link to the Council of Graduate Schools.

The IDP Admissions Committee begins meeting in the fall semester, so applicants are encouraged to submit their application materials as soon as possible.

UF Graduate School – Information & Requirements

For general information about admission to the UF Graduate School and links to the UF Graduate Catalog, please see the Graduate Admissions webpage.