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MCB Policies

Date:         23 May 2012

To:             Faculty and Students of the Molecular Cell Biology Advanced Concentration

From:         Dr. Alexander Ishov

Director, Molecular Cell Biology Advanced Concentration

Subject:     Revised Molecular Cell Biology Advanced Concentration Requirements


  1. For graduation, MCB students must have at least 1 first authorship publication by the time of the defense (paper must be either published or in press).  This publication must be a primary data publication, not a review article.  This requirement will be applied to all MCB students who will graduate starting with the Spring Semester, 2013.
  2. MCB students must present at least 1 poster at 1 national/international conference by the time of graduation.  This requirement will be applied to all MCB students who will graduate starting with the Spring Semester, 2013.
  3. The Advanced Cell Biology Course (GMS 6421) is a compulsory requirement for all MCB graduate students starting with students that entered the IDP in 2011.  Students that entered in 2010 are strongly advised to take this course following discussion with their mentor.
  4. MCB students are required to satisfactorily complete 7 advanced credits of MCB-offered courses, including 4 credits of GMS 6421 or 6 advanced credits excluding GMS 6421.  Most advanced courses (modules) are 1 credit, 5-week courses.  Students usually take most of the required credits of advanced coursework during their second year.  However, enrolling in advanced MCB and non-MCB modules during later years is allowed and encouraged.
  5. All MCB students in their 2nd year and beyond are required to register for the Journal Club and Data Club courses each Fall and Spring semester.  These credits are not counted towards the advanced credit requirement.
  6. MCB requires 2 annual supervisory committee meetings, preferably in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Signed committee meeting forms must be filed with the MCB graduate secretary.  A summary of the committee meeting clearly stating the committee’s assessment of the student’s academic and research progress must be attached to the form.  The completed and signed form should be submitted within two weeks of the committee meeting.
  7. One annual supervisory committee meeting can be virtual upon approval of the mentor.  For virtual committee meetings, students must send a research summary in the style of an NIH progress report to committee members for evaluation.  A committee report form and statement from the mentor, exactly the same as required for an in person committee meeting, must be submitted.  Each committee member must agree in writing (email is sufficient) that the student’s progress was adequate based on the materials provided for the virtual meeting.  Per IDP in Biomedical Sciences policy, anyone from the student, mentor, committee member, concentration director, or associate dean, has the authority to require that a proposed virtual committee meeting be held in person, for any reason.
  8. All MCB students are encouraged to participate in the Medical Guild Research Competition.  Participation of students in year 4 and beyond is strongly encouraged.
  9. To be excused from a class, students must send an explanatory e-mail to the course director prior to class requesting permission to be excused.
  10. Please consult the Graduate Student Handbook (online) for additional IDP requirements, information and deadlines.