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Medical Guild Awards- Thursday at 2- CGRC

Published: March 20th, 2017

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Please join us for the 42nd annual Medical Guild-sponsored graduate student research competition and award ceremony.

Friday, April 7, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. | Cancer & Genetics Research Complex, Room 101

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The order of presenters is as follows (alphabetical):

Amani Harrandah (Cancer Biology)
Mentor: Edward Chan, Ph.D.

“Developing Strategies in Tracking Early Oral Cancer Progression


Brittney Newby (Immunology & Microbiology)
Mentor: Clayton Mathews, Ph.D.

“Type 1 Interferons Promote Auto-reactive CD8+ T Cell Cytotoxicity in the Islet Microenvironment of Type 1 Diabetes”


Rosha Poudyal (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Mentor: Michael Kladde, Ph.D.

The Epigenomes of Latent and Lytic Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus”


 Sruti Rayaprolu (Neuroscience)
Mentor: Jada Lewis, Ph.D.

Two diseases, one gene? The role of ATP13A2 in Parkinson’s disease and Lysosomal Storage Diseases”


Allyson Shea (Molecular Cell Biology)
Mentor: Yehia Daaka, Ph.D.

“It Takes Two: The Host-Pathogen Relationship in Urinary Tract Infection”


James Thomas (Genetics)
Mentor: Maurice Swanson, Ph.D.

“Disrupted RNA Processing and Myogenesis in Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy”


Miguel Zarate (Physiology and Pharmacology)

Mentor: Charles Wood, Ph.D.

“Hypoxia-induced Bacterial Invasion of the Fetal Brian and Placenta”